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What is a premium product?
What is a premium product?

Learn more about Jubilee's premium products

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Premium products are Jubilee's list of high-quality products, sourced from the best suppliers on our platform. You can find premium products in our catalog when browsing you will see a "premium" logo with a crown on the bottom left of the product image.

What makes a premium product special?

  • Best-sellers: We’ve ensured our premium products are the hottest sellers and perform well.

Our product discovery team regularly adds new products to the list of premium products.

Why can't I push any more premium products to my store?

To access premium products, you are required to have a Jubilee paid subscription. Not sure what your plan allows? Take a look at the link.

If you're not able to push any more premium products, you might have reached the limit on your subscription plan. You can always swap out premium products for new ones, or upgrade to a higher plan!

Got questions? Reach out to our live customer support using the chat button on the bottom left of your screen or via email at [email protected] 😍

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