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How can I place my store orders on Jubilee?
How can I place my store orders on Jubilee?

Learn how to process an order in Jubilee

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Once a customer placed an order in your store, the order automatically syncs to your Jubilee account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not click on the fulfillment button on Shopify. Clicking request fulfillment will break the sync between your store and Jubilee.

To process the order simply follow these steps:

  1. Got to the Jubilee app.

  2. Go to the Shopify Orders tab on the left side panel.

  3. Check the details of the order to make sure everything is correct.

  4. Click on Checkout > Confirm to pay for the order using the credit card on file.

5. Check your Shopify account to confirm if the order is fulfilled.

Got questions? Reach out to our live customer support using the chat button on the bottom left of your screen or via email at [email protected] 😍

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